Thursday, April 16, 2009


Who Knew Merrek would blossom into a Basketball Player. I am so proud of her! It has take a lot of self confidence for her to get out on the court and do what she has learned.....and is still learning.....To get out and be in front of lots of people and do something new is a GREAT accomplishment for her....and I never once saw her cry......Hurray for Merrek!

Isn't she cute..... Notice the wet chin and mouth. Who knew that she had a double ear infection and was coming down with Pink Eye at the same time. She acts a lot like her Uncle Donny, who had lots of them while he was young and never complained about them until we discovered he couldn't hear out of one of his ears. Then they went in and put tubes in his ears and pulled all the old fluid out that had congealed in his ear that had made him very hard of hearing. Within months his hearing was back to normal. Can't say what causes his problems now. Any way, Anny is now on her Third round of treatment, If this doesn't work and keep her well, her next step is the E.N.T. DR. But, even sick she is such a sweet little girl you wouldn't know anything was wrong......Except in the middle of the night when she decides she wants to get up and eat.

Yesterday we went to a Diamondback Baseball Game. It is always fun to go with my kids and grandkids and yesterday was no exception. The only thing that would have made it better is if we had won, and if it had not been so cold and windy. Merrek got so cold that we ended up buying her a new Diamondback Sweatshirt so that she didn't freeze to death and turn into a popsicle. Thanks Donny, for inviting me.


Ben said...

super fun time at the game! I'll have to remmeber that if you need a new sweatshirt from the dbacks just go on a cold day. You can justify buying one that way ;)

Smart said...