Friday, April 17, 2009


Today was a fun day for all....the girls....Merrek and Tawny got to take their first bus ride from their grade school to the Superstition Farm Dairy that is my neighbor. I was excited because I pass the dairy everyday and have wondered what it was like. So now we all know a little more about what goes on down the street from Grandma's house.

The kids were divided up into 4 groups and had different areas to visit. The most popular was the petting area, and the feeding area. They got to feed the goats and the horses, then they got to hold a chicken and pet a rooster and a rabbit. Next we went to the horse area where the;y learned how to groom a horse and put a saddle on it. They got to see the horse's teeth up close and then feed him bites of carrots. We learned you have to hold your hand like a pancake (very flat) so he doesn't think that your fingers are carrots.
Merrek and the chicken

Tawny and the other chicken

Then we had lunch all together under the shade. On of the most popular attractions was the j-johns, and the hand washing area.

My favorite Kindergarteners on the tractor.

After lunch we all got to sample the ice cream that only hours before was milk from their very own cows. It was a very fun day and also very educational for everyone. I'm sure the adults learned much more that the kids did.
Isn't it fun to live near a farn.....reminds me of 30 years ago when their was a dairy next to Mountain View. (Except for the FLIES.)


johnsonteammom said...

So cute, what a fun Grandma you are!!!

BargainMoms said...

Merrek still won't stop talking about how much fun she had with Grandma! Thanks for going with them!