Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not Much Goin On Here!! it has been awhile since I last signed on. Things are settling down though. In the last 3 weeks we have kept busy.... but everything seems to be calming down for a minute. We had our 25th Annual Bill Johnsons Dinner for everyone to celebrate the last day of school. We have celebrated Merrek, Allison, Tawny and Brittany's Birthdays, well Brittany really got cheated out of a big celebration, but we did bake her a cake and have dinner at Angles with Dad and Grams. Bill has been in the hospital, but is now home (or should I say at my Mom's home) recovering. We only have had one visit to Urgent Care for him since then. Our daughter, Candice, had an emergency C-Section on the 27th of May, but mother and baby "Tristan Lee Angle" are doing well. Allison and Joe had baby Cole in dad's hospital for some out patient tests to see why his belly-button won't heal...He is after all 4 months old. But it looks like that is taking care of itself and will not require anything more. Yea!! The days that I was off I am paying for now at work but I know that someday I will get caught up.

We have survived yet another mini-crisis in our life and all are doing well. I am so grateful for my wonderful family and the way they have pitched in for everything that needed to get done. I Love My Family. We are truly blessed when it comes to our children, their spouses, grandchildren, moms, and brothers and sisters, and special Neighbors. A special thanks to Shelly for the Soup and Strawberries, they were just what I ordered....literally. Thanks to all who have served us in the last 3 weeks. You will never know how much you all mean to all of us.


johnsonteammom said...

You do have a pretty terrific support team, don't you?

The Rudd Family said...

Your family has been in our prayers! You definitetly have one of the strongest bunch I have ever seen! I am glad things have settled down a little. Wish we could be there to help out... I know you have a great support system though! Hang in there! (Soup and strawberries can always mend a heart...especially when they are from Shelly!)