Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I witnessed a first while I was driving home yesterday. I came up beside this big pickup truck that was stopped at a light. The driver had a book in his hand. I thought he is reading at the red light. But NOOOOOOO. We all took off at the light on Gilbert and the Freeway and I watched him until I turned off on Brown and he was reading the book the entire way. I just had to share.....How STUPID CAN SOME PEOPLE BE!!! I tried to get his attention to tell him to put down his book and DRIVE.....But he never noticed anything around him.

Lets all try to set a better example in everything we do, to make this world a safer place.


johnsonteammom said...

So let me get this clear, you're saying we should pay attention when we drive? Got the message, thanks:)

The Rudd Family said...

YIKES! Some people's kids?!