Sunday, November 18, 2007


Friday night the phone rang at our house about 11:15. Ring, Ring, Bill answered the phone. It was Brittany on the other end asking him to do her a favor. He gets off the phone and I ask him "what did she want?" He replied, "She wants me to put the lamp from the piano outside behind the front bushes." I'm thinking "What in the world are they going to do with the piano lamp at this time of night. But he get up to do her bidding.

Around 12....We, normal people, have already gone to bed. Bill has dozed off (dead to the world according to him... as if that is hard for him to do), I am reading in bed by the light of my small lamp, the room is semi-dark, all is quiet. When suddenly the phone rings and Bill picks it up. It's Brittany on the other end asking Bill, "Dad? Did you forget to put it out front? Chris is out front and can't find it." Bill answers "yes, I put it right behind the bushes like you told me to." "You sure? It's not there, she replies." "You told me to get the lamp, which was on the piano, and put it behind the bushes!"

I can hear Brittany laughing hysterically on the other end and saying "No Dad! I told you to put my LONGBOARD THAT WAS BY THE PIANO, OUT FRONT BEHIND THE BUSHES! "At this point, I begin uncontrollably silent laughing Bill who apparently misunderstood what it was that he was to do. Nevertheless, Bill got up, went by the piano, where, who'd have known, was her longboard. He opened the door to find Chris standing at the front. Chris traded the lamp for the longboard and they went their separate ways.

So just a warning... even though dad is getting a complex...because everyone always calls and immediately asks to talk to mom, talk to him for a minute before you ask for me, and don't expect him to always be coherent late at night.


aajens73 said...

Dad is such a character. I have tried to have conversations with him but most of the time he is in such a hurry to pass the phone off. I guess you just can win everytime. I heard that Pres. Hinckley had the same problem with his kids on the phone. It can happen to the best of us. Love you guys.

C Whetten said...

That puts him in really good company, I'll tell him.

Whetten Family said...

At least he is obedient. Now I know where Donny gets it from. I can even write it out on a list and he will still get it wrong. You gotta love 'em.

Ryan, Shannon and Reagan said...

That is a great story! I guess he didn't have to phone up to his good ear! Thanks for the laugh! We still love you Bro. Whetten! =)

wtisdale said...

That is seriously so funny! I was laughing so hard while I was reading that. I love it! Love you Brother Whetten! :)