Saturday, November 17, 2007


Four places I Worked:
1. Desert Schools Federal Credit Union-Teller
2. Montgomery Wards -Customer Service
3. Lou Coopeys Photography
4. Big Surf

Four Places I've lived:
1. Mesa
2. Tucson
3. Provo
4. Santa Ana, CA

Four Favorite TV Shows:
2. The Unit
3. Dirty Jobs
4. Jag

Four Movies I Want To See:
1. Mr. Magoriums Wonderful Emporium
2. Enchanted
3. I don't get out much!!! But I saw these two advertised on TV.

Four Favorite Foods:
1. Ice- soft crush
2. Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream
3. Nachos and Jalapenos
4. Shrimp

Four Wierd Things About Me, OK....Five:
1. I can't go to bed without a clean house
2. I have a silent laugh
3. If nachos don't have jalapenos, they are not worth eating
4. I still do ballet when I'm alone in my kitchen
5. I got fired from my first job as a married person because they found out I was pregnant!

Four Places I'd rather be:
1. San Diego
2. At the Lake
3. Kaysville UT
4. Queen Creek with my children and grand kids

Four People I'm tagging :
1. EVERYONE'S BEEN TAGGED (except Brittany who tagged herself)!!!


Whetten Family said...

Ok, need to move to The QC. Second, you definately have a "quiet laugh"....which usually means that something is VERY funny. Also, if they fired you for being prego these days, they would get sued!

johnsonteammom said...

What cute kids! I love your quiet laugh, it triggers other silent laughs, and I realized after I sent up those nachos to you that they didn't have jalapenos in them and then I forgot to apologize. The beef had jalapenos in it, sorry.