Monday, November 2, 2009

So I've Been A Little Busy The Last Little While....

Brittany started Nursing School in October...Yea...and moved into a apartment closer to work and school...not so fun for us...cuz it is very lonely around here without her around. So she organized our Annual Girls Night out before she started school. We turned it into a "Surprise" baby shower for Susan and Candice. Susan had her beautiful baby girl...Samantha...on Conference Sunday, so that Scott her husband would be here. He is being deployed again to the middle east. We surprised her but someone let Candice in on the surprise...Oh Well. We were to pick up 2-5foot subs for the dinner, but when we went to pick them up they thought they were for the next night. So they hurried and fixed up some foot longs and cut them in thirds and placed them on a platter. We were only 30 minutes late to the party.

We had food, presents for the babies and moms, Dancing contests, pedicures, music, and lots of talking...that you never get enough of.

Well here it is November and were getting ready for "COOL" weather. Why are our highs still in the 90's? Someone once told me that when you get older life gets simpler. I am still waiting and hoping that someday everything will settle down but it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon. So lets get caught up

Even Jason and Annie got a little playing time in, during the football game

Here's our cute cheerleaders Merrek, Katy, and Tawny.Here

Here our story changes to Grandpa /Dad /Bill entering the hospital...again. This time for more of the same story about his kidneys shutting down again, and his body collecting to much water inside that the kidneys were working to hard to function and so they began to shut down. After 4 days they finally changed some of his medications and they seem to be helping.

We were thinking that all was well, except the cardiologist informed him that one of the leads on his defibrillator was coming out, and it needed to be fixed right away so it doesn't start shocking him out of the blue. Aren't we grateful for Doctors and Nurses who are there to help.

In between Hospital visits for Bill, Candice and Matt went in and had Baby Ellee Delivered by a scheduled C-section. She is beautiful. Looks so much like Candice did as a baby, but has the Angle Chin. I was so glad that I could stay with them and help out, although I sometimes felt like i didn't do much. We are so glad she is here and mom is doing much better.
Of Course Tristan has stepped in and taken his role as a big brother seriously, he loves to hold her and kiss her and inspect her hands and feet.

So after all this had died down, we had to but Bill back into the hospital to have a lead from his defibrillator changed out. They could not remove the wire so they just put in another one. He came out of Surgery and made quite a spectacle of him self with the nurses, even ate a good dinner about 9 pm and then said he was tired and fell asleep. The next day he had no memory of anything that he had said or eaten the entire night. It was a real eye opener for Brittany who had never seen him behave in quite that manner.

Last but not least we went out to Queen Creek for the ward Trunk -r -Treat and got to see all our grandchildren and their friends in costume and enjoy the Chile cook off. Saturday we went and visited with my mom who was babysitting for Ellee, while they went to their ward carnival. Candice and Matt came over and brought Tristan for a few minutes. After mom's we wnt to the Rudds and visited with them and their kids for a while. We enjoy being around all of them. Can't believe the Chelsea is getting married, and Michael will be leavin on a mission in February. Guess other people kids grow up also.

It has been a very trying time in so many ways and we are so grateful for the many many friends and family members that we have had around us at all times. Their faith and prayers in our behalf have certainly been a big help in our life. We love you all.

Next Sunday I give my lesson in Relief Society and then we go out to QC for Tylers Blessing. Guess our activities are gaining on us again.


Cara said...

Aww Candices baby girl is adorable! Looks like everyone has been having lots of fun. I hope all is going well for Uncle Bill, we'll keep him in our prayers!

johnsonteammom said...

It just occurred to me as I read this that I may have been the one to let her in on the surprise. Nobody told me it was a surprise, I was just trying to figure out if I had to go to two seperate baby showers!!

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