Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is our new home. It has take me a long time to get settled and I am still not all done. It has been a real struggle to try and condense 28 YEARS of stuff from a 3 story 5 bedroom home to a 3 bedroom one story, but things are going slowly but smoothly. Yes it can be done!!!! But if it had not been for my family and friends, it would never have come together. My kids came over for about two weeks and helped pack boxes and boxes, and took loads and loads to the DI.
Then the morning of the big move, we had about 25 men show up with 5 trucks and trailers. Within 1 and 1/2 hours the entire house was empty and they were on their way to the new home. By noon it was all done. Well.... it was all put into the house and garage. So we are still finding things that are in boxes, and still trying to decide where to put things. You would be suprised at all the stuff that we have gotten rid of.....My Mother-In-Law would be proud. I am proud of myself.... and so thankful to all my kids and all of our friend who helped with packing, cleaning, unpacking, food, and emotional support. It has been an emotional journey, but we have truly found that HOME IS WHERE YOU LIVE, AND NOT THE HOUSE YOU LIVE IN.
As President Smith said "You have alot of friends who love you, or they are just excited to see you leave." All I can say in AMEN and THANK YOU.

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johnsonteammom said...

I love President Smith, that was a funny quote.