Friday, January 30, 2009

The Hostage Has Been Released

Jason Storm Whetten

I'm Home......After spending 10 days being held hostage out in Queen Creek taking care of the Whetten Family, I have finally made it home. What a 10 days it was. I had so much fun helping take care of Merrek, Emma, and Baby Jason. He is a doll and all boy. Deanna has had a rough time after her Epidural from Hell.....she is getting a little better now it will just take time for the nerves in her back to calm down and stop causing her pain. We feel lucky that there was no permanent damage done. Everyone is doing much better now.

We went on picnic's, went to the hospital, attended Katy's Baptism, did dishes, cleaned, walked Merrek to school, did dishes, laundry, played outside on our bikes, took naps, at least some of us did, went to a jewelry party, watched movies, read books, cleaned up after kids, changed diapers, etc, etc. etc. You get the point.

I feel privileged to have been in the delivery room for Jason's birth, and then to take care of the girls till mom and dad got home. It was fun to be in their home with the whole family around and to help out for a few days. It will always be a special memory for me, to be held hostage at the Whetten Home.

Donny & Jason/Father & Son

Katy's Baptism with Vance

Donny the Daddy

Picnic at the Park with the Jensens

Emma and Nash drink steeler.

Emma and the Sunflower Seed Accident

See.... I said some of us 5:00

He found his thumb.....but he still likes the pacifier.


Whetten Family said...

You were the best hostage ever. You can come be our captive any time!

The Rudd Family said...

What a wonderful mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother! You rank at the top in all categories!! Hopefully they let you go without any fuss! =)

Michelle said...

okay, i never saw this post! sorry about nash. if it makes you feel any better, he steals my drinks too.

thanks for being the whetten's grandma so we could love on you too. (aka steal your drinks)