Monday, December 22, 2008

Sorry...I Have Been Busy Taking it Easy.

I have had more that a few people tell me I need to update my blog.....and I have one thing to say about that.....I KNOW!! But I have been so busy taking it easy, I haven't had time.
So let me bring you up to date. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I had a tumor removed from my Thyroid Gland. It's in the neck. I came home on Thanksgiving Day in time for Turkey dinner at my mom's. Thanks to all my family for all the support that they have given me these past few weeks. A BIG Thank You to Brittany. She insisted on staying with me all night at the hospital that night. I tried to talk her out of it, but she wanted to. I am very grateful that she was there. It's kind of nice to have your own private duty nurse with you at you beck and call. She was there to get me what ever I needed, and see to my every wish all night Long. Even the nurses on duty were glad she was there. Brittany...Thank You...You can stay with me any time. The Hospital Scottsdale-Osborn is top rate hospital and I can find nothing bad to say about my stay. If it had to happen...they made it as pleasant an experience as you can get. Thanks also to my family who stayed during the 4 1/2 hour surgery, I was glad that you were there.
We are still waiting for the final report to come back from the pathology department at the Mayo Clinic, but we are hopeful that they will come back negative for more cancer. But we will deal with what ever happens in the future.

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