Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cancer Walk

We are a happy family

This is Dad walking on the Track....

This is Dad DREAMING of years gone by!

Dad and Tawny before walking, Were not sure what Stacy is thinking about.

Darcy the ring leader of the fire builders....will she ever grow up.

We were privileged to participate in the East Valley Cancer Walk on Saturday April 12, out at Red Mountain High School in East Mesa. Ben and Stacy's Football team the "Hornets" are the driving force behind the event for us. It is a very emotional and exciting program. The Walk starts at noon, and their is someone on the track at all times walking until 9:00 Sunday morning. Thank you for letting us be a part of your group, and Ben I hope you got enough food to last you through the night.

They have the survivors recognized as well as those who are walking to help raise money. Last year we didn't stay for the candlelight Ceremony, but this year we did. With all the Luminaries around the track and everyone in the stadium carrying a candle, it was a very moving ceremony. Lots of tears we shed by all. During the lighting ceremony they light the survivors candles first and then they turn around and light someone else's who in turn lights someone else's. As we were lighting the candles for others, I noticed Marly coming through the crowd and several people tried to light her candle, she would tell them no, I want my grandma to light my candle. Thanks Marly you made me feel special.

We had to quit the walk early and sit down for a while, so we made our own Campfire of sorts, till we started to set the grass on fire, and decided that that wasn't to good an idea in the middle of the field.

As we were walking to our car after the ceremony, Bill told me that until 2 years ago when Stacy and Ben started this with their group and asked him to come and join in the survivor walk, he had never really thought of himself as a Cancer Survivor.

It was fun to be there with all our kids who made it out to the Stadium, we so enjoy being with our kids and it doesn't really matter where we are or what we are doing, it is just fun to be together.


johnsonteammom said...

woo hoo! See you next year!!! That is funny that dad never thought of himself as a cancer survivor, and yes, Ben had plenty to eat, we even brought some home.

Whetten Family said...

Once again, I love how we never hear about this stuff. (that was sarcasm) If i Had known you guys were there, I would have driven there instead of to YOUR HOUSE on Saturday night for the girls to see you.