Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sometimes Our Prayers Don't get past the ceiling!

Ok....Sometimes our prayers get a little out of control. That's the way that it has been forever at our Home. Most of them are good, you know reverent ,respectful, then there are those, where you are just grateful that Heavenly Father has a wonderful sense of humor, cuz you can only laugh. To make a long story short, and maybe it is one of those that you just had to be there to enjoy.

Dad and I, Melissa and Brittany, were all sitting on our bed,late one night, when dad says,lets have prayer, Will you girls join us. So we all crowded around the bench at the foot of the bed. Bill calls on Melissa to pray. I am kneeling down,and I feel myself drift off for a minute. Meanwhile Melissa is going about the business of saying a very nice prayer. After the Amen is said, Bill sits upon the bench. I am still kneeling down. I Could hear them still talking,and someone asked me a question, to which I raised up and started talking about nothing that they had asked me. So they all started to LAUGH at ME. We quickly cleared out the room and I was dead to the world in a short time. That was one good night.

The next night,the girls were in the room again, and again it was time for prayer. This time Dad asks Brittany to pray. Now Brittany is at one end of the bench, I am at the other, and Bill and Melissa are in between. The room is quiet, Brittany starts, I am being very reverent and I go to place my head on top of my hand, I realized that would not be such a good thing,so I let out a small muffled laugh, Melissa hears me so she starts, We were able to get control very quickly, and didn't have a problem after that. Meanwhile Bill has decided he can't look at either of us, so he refrains, cuz he knows that he would start if he looked up. During all this time I actually am listening to what Brittany is saying, and realize that something is wrong with her, her usually excellent quality of prayer, had been replaced with a quick get it over with and lets be done. After the last Amen, Brittany said I had to get it over with because I knew you guys were down there laughing, and I knew I was going to start. So I hope that we are not the only family that has some problems while we pray, or we are in for it when we finally get to the other side, and have to pay for all our non reverent attitudes.

This wouldn't have seemed so bad, but, I had just been exercising on my ball laying on my back. Lost my balance and while trying desperately to hold on to something to catch my fall, rolled over and landed on my back hitting my toes on the wall under the window, jamming my right thumb on the floor in Front of me. After I stopped falling and was laying there.It was very quiet in the room. Finally someone said"Are you OK." To which I replied, "Yes, I think so," Then they all started to laugh, and laugh,and laugh. I am glad that as their mother I can give them such happiness.

We had just been to a funeral for a dear friend Ann Rogers. All her 5 children spoke and gave remembrances of their mom. She was even accused of forgetting some of the many bad things that her kids had done, and wondering why her grand kids are now following in their parents footsteps. Makes me wonder what all my children will say about me at my funeral. I may be happy that I won't have to be there.

Now that I have gone on and on, And I'm sure your wondering why you are reading this, I am sitting here thinking WHY AM I WRITING THIS.

When all is said and done I want any and all who read this to know for certain, that I love my children and their spouses, and all my beautiful grand kids, and of course I love my husband, and he loves me, or at least puts up with me. I know he could probably have done better, but they got me, and I sure hope they know how much I love them. Even if they have to laugh, I'm glad I give them such enjoyment.


johnsonteammom said...

My curiosity is peaked! I'm calling right now.

Brittany said...

Ya, I can't really concentrate when I know something is going on during prayer!

johnsonteammom said...

We can laugh at you cause we love you so much. You and I, and everyone else know that we laugh at dad more than we laugh at you:)