Saturday, February 2, 2008


As I was coming out of the Temple the other night, It always occurs to me how much we take for granted in this world. This is a thought that I have about lots of things in this life. Have you ever walked by a flower and really looked at it. How does it grow from a seed to know that it will be purple on the inside and trimmed in blue. How does it know how to take on the shape that it does.

I understand erosion that caused the formation of the Grand Canyon, but can you imagine how much force that had to take and how many years it took. But seeds are a different matter entirely. And I won't even venture to start thinking about the miracle of a Baby being created.
I know these things happen, but how do you create such a miracle. How does anyone not see that there must be a Master Planner behind all of these creations, a force of such power, that we can not comprehend it. How can people not believe that there is a God who is in controll of all things.

Just something to think about. Not anything really important in the grand scheme of things in the world of today, just small thoughts from a small mind.....MINE.


Brittany said...

I was telling Matt the same exact thing the other night while we were watching Planet Earth. Like mother like daughter.

johnsonteammom said...

My mind must be even smaller cause I never thought about it, really.

Whetten Family said...

I am obviously still in the 7th grade because I think about it, and it grosses me out. And I have had two kids....I know...Deanna needs professional help.